Essilor progressive lenses: seeing clearly near and far

Whether it was perfect at birth or not, our vision inevitably evolves around the age of 40. Fine print, dim lighting: we experience more difficulty seeing close up. We’ve become presbyopic. Why? Our crystalline, the natural lens of the eye, loses its elasticity and is less able to adjust. If we already have another vision correction, progressive lenses are a simple and effective solution to remedy this inconvenience without the need to change glasses constantly. Their principle: a power that varies smoothly and seamlessly over the surface of the lens. At the top, it adapts to far vision; in the middle, intermediate vision; at the bottom, near vision. These lenses are compatible with all visual corrections and all surface treatments.

Main brand: Essilor

Essilor is the world leader in corrective lenses. Its international presence and ability to meet local specifies enables the brand to adapt to the needs of consumers across the world.

Essilor grew out of Essel and Silor, two companies whose origins date back to 1849 and 1931. For this new brand, created in 1972, they bequeathed a priceless legacy: an entrepreneurial spirit that has enabled the company to be consistently ahead of its time. Essilor’s culture is inspired by innovation that guides the work of its teams, allowing them to continue developing solutions that change lives.

Thanks to its innovation capability and R&D investments, Essilor invented the first progressive lens, Varilux® lenses, the market reference today. Essilor also created Crizal®, a lens coating that combines protection from reflections, scratches, smudge, dust, water, UV rays and blue-violet light.

Recognized by vision health professionals, Essilor’s products aim to bring comfort and protection to spectacle wearers. The brand works directly with experienced eyecare professionals who are dedicated to serving their clients through advising and helping them choose the most adapted products. Through precise measurement and fitting, they help to optimize lens performance.

Innovating in ophthalmic optics is all about continually meeting new challenges in optical design, materials and lens coatings. For Essilor, real innovation brings direct benefits to people. That’s why, wearers are always at the heart of its priorities.

It’s through this commitment to research that Essilor has developed Varilux®, Eyzen™, Xperio® or Optifog® – products that bring a combination of cutting-edge technologies.