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Let us help you discover the freedom and benefits of contact lenses.

Be prepared for a new lease of life with contact lenses – where confidence and freedom come as standard.

We’ll ensure that you have the perfect lenses to suit your lifestyle, we will make sure that you feel confident handling and wearing your contact lenses from day one.

Why to try contact lenses?

Whether you want a fresh look, the freedom to be more active or if you want all round vision with no restriction. Contact lenses are an excellent alternative to glasses.

Contact lenses explained

Daily disposable

Daily disposables lenses that are used to correct short or farsightedness. They’re the healthiest and most convenient way to wear contact lenses. They give you a fresh, clear lens every day, with no need for solutions. Daily lenses ideal for when you don’t want to wear glasses – either occasionally, part-time or every day.


Monthly contact lenses and two-weekly contact lenses are lenses that get stored in solution over night, worn during the day and disposed after the prescribed period. Unlike daily lenses that gets disposed daily, lenses are cleaned at the end of the day, stored in the solution and used again the next day. Some of these lenses have been approved to leave in your eyes while sleeping.


Astigmatism is a common condition that affects many people. It is caused by the shape of your eye and results in blurry or distorted vision at all distances, varying with the strength of the astigmatism. Astigmatic contact lenses are specially designed to fit the shape of astigmatic eyes leading to clearer and more detailed vision. They are available as daily or reusable contact lenses.


As you get older the lens in your eye becomes less flexible making it harder to adjust your focus from far to near objects. This makes reading more difficult as additional power is needed.  We have the technology in multifocal contact lenses that allow you to see both near and far.

How to care about your Contact lenses?

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