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Best Tips to Prevent, Control & Reverse Diabetes-Eat Healthy

As with any healthy eating program, a diabetic diet is more about your overall dietary...

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Diabetes & The Eye

Some of you will realize that I am repeating this article. I can assure you it is not because I am running out of topics but rather want to...

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Astigmatism Test

Astigmatism is detected during a routine eye exam with the same instruments and techniques used for the detection of...

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Teen’s & Adult’s Eye Care

If you have any doubts about how often you should have your eyes examined, ask your Optometrist for guidance.

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How to Use the Amsler Grid

The Amsler grid can help detect early signs of retinal disease and monitor changes in vision after diagnosis.

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Macular Degeneration

Age-Related Macular degeneration, also known as AMD or ARMD is a common eye condition.

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If you are experiencing any tiny spots, specks or cobwebs in your field of vision, you probably have floaters in your eye.

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